Medical Billing Service VS In-House Billing

What I want to do with this post, is mention in detail some of the major differences of using medical billing services and keeping the billing process within your practice. I know in other posts I have talked about general subject matters (such as insurance, basics on medical billing) but in this post, I want to make sure this message is reaching all medical professionals. Hopefully by the end of this article, you can have a few more resources that will help you select a billing model that fits your practice.

As a medical practice, the minute you accept insurance, you need to make sure you are sending out claims to the insures appropriately. Therefore, you will need to have someone working on this process – the medical billing process. medical-billing

Benefits of using a medical billing service include:

  1. Saving time
  2. Saving resources
  3. Professional medical billing conducted
  4. Added security
  5. Better quality practice

Let me analyze each a little bit here.

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Consulting the general public: What type of health insurance should I prefer?

This post isn’t focused particularly for people in the medical billing space, or even healthcare providers specifically. I figured, since we are talking about medical billing (and health insurance plays a big role), I  should make a post that provides a plethora of information on health insurance. And since everyone has/needs it, then you being a healthcare professional can benefit from this post too.

First off let me say, that whenever you are dealing with insurance, it will be complicated no matter what. In any given industry, insurance plans can be a pain. Doesn’t matter if you are talking about health insurance, property insurance, pet insurance, political insurance or any other. I know for a fact that insurance in the limousine industry, is full of loopholes and chaotic situations.


Where do we start? What do we do? The health insurance market is chaotic! 

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