Medical Billing Service VS In-House Billing

What I want to do with this post, is mention in detail some of the major differences of using medical billing services and keeping the billing process within your practice. I know in other posts I have talked about general subject matters (such as insurance, basics on medical billing) but in this post, I want to make sure this message is reaching all medical professionals. Hopefully by the end of this article, you can have a few more resources that will help you select a billing model that fits your practice.

As a medical practice, the minute you accept insurance, you need to make sure you are sending out claims to the insures appropriately. Therefore, you will need to have someone working on this process – the medical billing process. medical-billing

Benefits of using a medical billing service include:

  1. Saving time
  2. Saving resources
  3. Professional medical billing conducted
  4. Added security
  5. Better quality practice

Let me analyze each a little bit here.

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Physician billing & denied billing. What do you do?

In this post, what I’m hoping to touch on is a very common issue that every billing company, staff member or coder comes across daily. It’s the issue of “denied billing.” In other words, you send a claims form in the way that we talked about in another post, and the insurance company doesn’t accept to make the payment. This can create a very timely situation that can last from a few minutes, to even a few hours (or worst case scenario you don’t get paid.)

It’s really a troubling thing to deal with, as in the healthcare industry the whole team should be focused on serving patients – not jumping through loopholes. So I will be outlining below a few common reasons you are getting denied some billings and a few things you can do about this problem. Note that a very average denied claim statistic is about 20% of the claims sent. In some cases and in cases where – as I will detail below – the person in charge of the billing is doing a lousy job,  the denied billings can reach a percentage of 80%.

So probably the main reason you are having denials may start and end with the front desk. If the people in charge aren’t doing the registrations correctly, then coding or managing the rest of the billing process, wont really matter. Your staff or people in charge can be experts in coding. But if they are making registration mistakes, then that has no value. According to some sources and statistics, many times over 50% of claims are being denied, because of front desk mistakes. 

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In any case, thank you so much for reading and stay tuned!