Is it worth pursuing a medical billing career?

In all previous posts, and throughout this website, I’ve obviously said a lot about medical billing and described basic concepts. If you recall, I had blogs with 2 parts that were outlining basic concepts for everyone to understand (feel free to revisit ) and for everyone to use in their daily healthcare related occupations.


I understand that many of you, probably have some extra questions and concepts you would like me to talk about, in which case let us know.  I also know though that some of you reading my posts (thank you) are considering maybe joining this fascinating field of medical billing. I am sure you have seen a bunch of amazing Youtube videos that include the pros and cons of this occupation. So what I want to do with this post, is really give you a basic understanding of what to expect as a medical billing professional. For all you currently working in this field, please bare with me – I’m trying to make sure my posts appeal to everyone and all readers.

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