About Us

This is the story and background of our small group of medical consultants. We are medical billing experts with a great focus on the dermatology specialty (hence the specification of our site.) Our jobs offline, are to help small and large medical practices stay in control of their patients and finances, in order to offer the greatest medical treatment.

It’s our belief, that a lot of the bureaucratic/non medically related tasks of a medical practice, should be handled by experts in order to free up the doctor’s time. Our purpose is not to promote our selves or companies. We are not affiliated with any billing companies nor will this website be used for those kind of activities. We firmly believe that there should be tips and advice for anyone seeking to learn.

We want to provide you with the tools and knowledge of doing your medical billing in the dermatology area. This is why we aren’t targeting only medical doctors, but anyone who could stand to learn more about this. Every medical professional (even other billing companies) should have access to this knowledge in the case that they want it. Hopefully we are a driving force to deliver top quality advice.